The site selected for Seville demo is a prefabricated module manufactured in Dragados factory in Las Cabezas de San Juan in Seville. The module for the demonstration is a mock up for the construction of a school facilities in Andalusia.


Seville demo activities aim to use BRIMEE NCC foam panels as insulating core of GRC sandwich panels. In particular, mineral wool, currently used as insulating material, was partially replaced by NCC foam panels with slight changes in the manufacturing process.


Demo-building envelope thermographic assessment has been performed by means of a thermal camera and thermal transmittance of the walls of the building has been measured. Moreover, a monitoring system has been installed to assess building performances. The activities related to real scale installation of BRIMEE panels, sensoring and monitoring equipment for Seville demo site have been performed in January 2017, together with the demo-building envelope assessment.