Brno demo building is a historical building, UNESCO protected, built at the turn of 19/20th century, with 4 floors, 3,5 meters high ceilings, which are typical for the buildings of that time. It has fa├žade regulations and a historical appearance. Load bearing walls are 60 cm thick, internal partitions are 30 cm thick and they are made of clay bricks; no outer or inner insulation has been ever applied. Whole building was reconstructed 5 years ago when windows were changed and replaced by new wood windows.

There are a lot of restrictions for the interventions on the external facade and walls and any intervention about this building requires a public authorization. For this reason, demo activities about this demo site have been oriented to the application of BRIMEE paneling systems on an internal part of the walls.

Demo-building envelope thermographic assessment has been performed by means of two thermal camera and thermal transmittance of different walls of the building has been measured. Moreover, a monitoring system has been installed to assess building performances.

The demo site for BRIMEE paneling systems installation is located at the second floor of the building. The proposed and accepted solutions for BRIMEE panels installation are the two massive walls in contact with the exterior.


All the activities related to the monitoring system for BRIMEE performances assessment and panelling systems installation in Brno demo site have been performed.